un thump, or de-thumped

17 Jul

no thumping here.  i’ve been meaning to do this post (i mean to do a LOT of things) and if i don’t do it now it might never get done so down and dirty here’s the deets on my camera for gayle on account that she asked for it.  🙂

i needed a new camera.  decided on thursday night that i was gonna bite the bullet.  i called “Harolds” in the city and talked with bob.  he was very patient and listened while i told him what i wanted in a camera and what i didn’t want and what my price range was.  he told me what he had available, what he recommended and that he was open until 9pm.  at 8pm, i decided to go for it and drove the 40 miles into the city, arriving at their door 25 minutes prior to their close time.

he again went over what we’d discussed on the phone and never once seemed impatient.  i dithered a little between the panasonic dmc-tz4 and one of the nikkon cool pix cameras (obviously i went with the panasonic since i know the specific model!)

the nikkon would have had a smidge faster snap and recovery time.  the panasonic has 10X zoom compared to the 4X zoom on the nikkon.  bob said the panasonic had significant more “lens” and was a bit easier to use.  they were both relatively the same price and both had a discount.  both were a smidge over what i wanted to pay but very reasonable.

so first the zoom:

this is the same shot, just 10X zoomed.

it has an “intelligent auto” setting that allows for the point and shoot type photography- it reads the lighting, the type of shot (face, senery, movement etc) and adjusts settings to give the best “chance” of a clear picture.  but if you like to mess around a titch, there are a dozen or two “settings” that you can choose from like fireworks (pix posted previously), burst, soft skin, baby1, baby 2, scenery, celebrations, food,  etc.  i haven’t tried them all out yet.  here is burst.

fun little setting for “action” shots.  just a couple clicks and you too can feel like a real live photographer!  now scott wasn’t really running hard as there were 2 outs and it was a high catchable hit and yeah, it got caught.  however, the camera pretty much snapped for every step he took.

the soft skin setting is like for facial close ups in outdoor settings or ones with bright colors.

shhhh  don’t wake the babies!!!!

the two baby settings allows you to input data (name, dob etc) and when you use that setting it automatically records which baby and what age.  it also automatically goes to a soft flash to bring out skin colors.

one of my complaints with my old camera was that it ate batteries like mad.  this has a rechargeable battery.  on a full charge i was able to take roughly 275-300 pix.  this also included a fair amount of time having the camera on but not taking pix (you know studying the manual and pushing buttons!).  in less that 20 minutes you can achieve a usable charge, a couple hours and you have a full charge.

downloading to my computer is a snap (so was my other one).  it has a 2.5″ monitor to display the pix which is significantly bigger than my other one.

there is a movie mode too but i haven’t checked it out.  also a “macro” setting for super close pix.  he showed me a pic of a girl’s eye.  you could count the eye lashes.  amazing.  i haven’t played with that yet either.

it’s not a tiny camera but it’s not bad.  the nikkon was smaller (more like shirt pocket size)

all in all, i’m thrilled with the camera so far.  and i can’t say enough good about “harolds” on louise avenue in sioux falls.  their customer service is just great, not only did he listen to me and offer his informed opinion, i was never made to feel rushed (my decision was made at 3 minutes to 9), he programmed the camera for me and even took care of sending my broken camera into the manufacturer for me.

okay so yeah, a storm’s brewing here so i’m signing off before i fry my ‘puter!


3 Responses to “un thump, or de-thumped”

  1. Becca July 17, 2008 at 12:42 pm #

    Sounds like an awesome camera! Love the new heading!

  2. Gayle July 17, 2008 at 2:07 pm #

    So I think you need to be a Nikkon salesperson. You did a terrrific job, thanks!
    Maybe I should call up Harolds and order one. Or maybe I will just look around at what is available locally. I know I need something new, just havent figured out what. Your post really helped tho Kay, thanks for doing that.


  3. myolivebranch July 21, 2008 at 8:37 pm #

    i think both the panasonic (which is the one i went with) and the nikkon are both good cameras. for me, it came down to speed vs zoom. i went with zoom.

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