anyone for a little cheese with that whine?

12 Jun

so miles get baptised in less that 2 weeks. i have until monday to get a baptismal quilt done for him if i want to send it with his nana and not risk shipping it overnight. today is thursday so naturally i started it this morning.

it actually went well. i did a feathered cross in the center set off with some pebbling and rays (using renae’s amazing rays) radiating from the center of the cross. eventually i’ll embroider bible verses and the baby’s names on some of the rays. the whine is that i checked my batting over and over and over again for little bits of thread and was feeling quite smug about not getting any thread trash stuck between the batting and the white dupioni silk fabric. until i submerged it in water to remove my markings. i noticed at least 2 strings that are trapped inside. crap. i know how to get it out and it can be done but it bugs me that it happened in the first place and that i had a case of false smugness thinking i’d beaten the quilting gremlins.

i’d love to take a picture of it and show it to you but saturday my camera fried. i actually did some online research (usually i just lean on neil to check things out for me) and i think there might be a recall on something or another that might be what happened. so….i guess i’ll do some more checking and probably send my camera off for a spa day. meanwhile, i’m without pix for you! whine.

tomorrow is karen and k day! horray. not sure exactly what i’ll be working on…..i think i’d like to get binding on the relay for life quilt, block sewn together on e’s wedding quilt. maybe i better stop there…sometimes i’m not real productive on karen and k day because i get to yakking a bit too much!

gotta get all my work done today so i can play tomorrow. have a great weekend everyone!


One Response to “anyone for a little cheese with that whine?”

  1. freda1951 June 12, 2008 at 1:53 pm #

    Have fun tomorrow Kay. Wish I could join you.

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