my niece jess, a thump and a new page!

22 May

the folks had a rummage sale this weekend with their daughter (deb) and her dil (jen) and her d (jess). we weren’t participating but took the grandsons in just for fun.

jen and jess each had their 3 kids there. and with ian and kaiden, that meant that the folks had 8 out 10 of their great grands in house. and a mad mad house it was! i wanted to get pix of all of them together but either a couple were on a treat run or some in the front yard and some in the back, some were napping others were eating……it just didn’t happen. i did get this cute one with 2 of jess’s darlings, courtney (the babe) and sidney and ian. he did NOT know what to think of all these kids.

oh yeah, i could have cropped jess out but beings she threatened me, well you know, i HAVE to push the envelope!

and the older kids (eli, sam, alex and sid) wanted to have a lemonade stand. we happened to have this little stand sitting in the shed so we drug it out and to the city for them to use. they had a blast and eli was the most diligent and made the most money doing it. although it only cost a quarter, lots of people just gave him a buck. again….wished i’d gotten a pic of him and/or the other kids doing it but by the time i got around to it, they’d gotten bored and look who was running the stand!

yep that’d deb and jess (push again) i don’t know why she was so against me taking her photos as she’s a big tv celeb now. her whole family is in a tv commercial…something about farming….i didn’t catch the topic because i was so busy jumping up and down saying “there’s bill” and “there’s sid” followed of course by the really innovative “there’s alex holding courtney” and “there’s jess”.

and did any of you notice the new page i made? it’s at the top of my blog header titled “current projects” that’s where you can keep track of my progress on my current projects (you know you want to……). i can already check check 2 projects off the list. and here’s the borders that i got on kaiden’s birth quilt (yeah yeah yeah, i know he’s almost 2 months old.) there it is….you’ve been waiting for the thump and it’s me. surprise!

i need some practice at my mitering corners. i’m not going to re-do them. just work on future ones.

the other one that got finished is miles’ birth quilt. yeah yeah, i know, he was born after kaiden and yet his quilt is finished. thump again.

and a couple close ups. the pattern is by terri atkinson in her take two and add a few book (or something like that) and the pattern is called birthday presents (or something like that) the quilting is a bumble bee design i think by sharon schamber


One Response to “my niece jess, a thump and a new page!”

  1. Diane F May 23, 2008 at 2:46 pm #

    Cute kids Kay! I will have to check out the projects and as for you thumping yourself, I think we all need to thump ourselves once in a while to keep honest.

    Have a great Memorial day weekend!

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