5 May

a few months ago susie and rosanne hosted our birthday group and susie showed us tassels that her cousin had made. naturally we all ooohed and aaaahed appropriately over them. well, last saturday, susie and rosanne along with susie’s cousin linda, invited us all over to make tassels using salt and pepper shakers.

of course susie and rosanne fed us first!

honey pecan glazed english muffins. omgosh. yummo. recipe on page 139 of the church cookbook for those of you following along. i may incorporate this into a supper swap and will post the details of the recipe then. and a delicious fruit salad. linda served these tasty bites on dishes that had belonged to her husband’s grandmother. you can see the stack of them in the picture, they are squarish with a delightful ring of flowers on them.

linda’s home was just FUN. she graciously allowed me to takes some photos. i tried not to be rude about it and only snapped a few. her home is just filled with wonderful little displays tucked here and there and everywhere! this is the light fixture over her kitchen table.

scored a 10 on the cuteness meter!

just a couple of the blooms linda has planted throughout her home.

this is the “crafting table” complete with a tree of finished tassels to inspire us.

here’s a close up of the tree of tassels:

start with a salt/pepper shaker that has a removable stopper in the bottom. you also need to check to make sure the holes in the top are positioned so that your tassel will hang straight when you’re done (some shakers the holes are not located in the center of the shaker). linda has used a variety of fibers to make the tassels: pearl cotton, silk, ribbons, yarns, etc.

and here we are working on our tassels:

sharon (stitching not tasseling) cynthia (standing), marlene, and rosanne

mary and linda (and well susie with her head cut off!) wrapping the fibers to make the tassel.

linda, susie and mary hot glueing the tassels to the shakers

and the finished tassels:
deon used fiesta shakers in yellow and orange and her tassels were of a really unique yarn that had great texture!

mary found some delightful little bunny shakers and she used a combination of 2 colorful fibers for her tassels. oh and yeah, i didn’t cut her head off on accident, she didn’t want her pic taken so we agreed to this compromise!

and susie is looking much more refined here than she did during her original tassel dance! she used a pair of roosters for her tassels.

rosanne had a tiny little pair of painted shakers. they turned out so elegant.

marlene’s snowman and lady (not pictured) is so cute. look at the smile on the snowfella!

and here is mine. i used shakers that were my grama lola’s. i’m not quite done with mine yet, i plan to add beads to the tassel strands and also need to do something (not sure what yet) to the top of the shaker as it had an unusual “top” and i want to hide my fishing line!

and somehow cynthia got away without me taking a picture of hers. she worked on a snowlady tassel.

it was just FUN. and there are really lots of different ways you can create with these so the possibilities are endless. linda had dozens of them on display in her home. thank you linda for inviting us into your home and thanks to susie and rosanne for hosting us.

susie and linda

the tassels look great, and don’t i have cute friends?!?!?


One Response to “tassels!”

  1. Kelly May 6, 2008 at 12:27 pm #

    like the tassles – even better in person. Sorry, I didn’t have any fishline so you could have worked on them last night. They look like something maybe even I could make – maybe you’ll have to have to host a class sometime. I’d have to go out and by some salt/pepper shakers that were cool like the ones posted. Off to work.

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