bits and pieces

12 Apr

on a saturday morning.

congrats to grama kelly! my sister is a first time nana this morning. can’t wait to see pix. baby boy decided to come a few weeks early so it will be interesting to compare his 5 lb 6 oz’s ( i think that’s what he weighed, the 2 am phone call left me a bit fuzzy this morning!) to kaiden’s 8lb 9 oz’s! it will be fun to see these two grow up.

and now after that happy note, i return you to your regular programing of thumpings:

STOP with the income tax commercials. seriously i DO know what day it is. everyone knows whether their taxes are done or not. making me mad is not going to get me to buy your fabrulous product. it’s just not.

and OMGosh. weather people. a snow storm is like crack for you people. come on! not that i’m really attached to the national news programs but did you really think it was necessary to talk (and not really talk as it was just repetition of the same 4 sentences all beginning with ___ inches of snow in ______) for 3 hours yesterday about the snow? we live in SD. we get snow. sure there might be a transplant or two wandering around but if they’ve been here more than 2 weeks, they know snow! if someone isn’t sure that the snow and rain might cause slippery roads, you talking about it isn’t going to keep them off the roads as they obviously do not have even 2 brain cells rolling around in their empty head. COME ON! work with me….state your piece short and sweet and get on with life.

and here’s a couple pix of how sad my trees were. see how one side is so heavy the branches are just groaning under the weight:

and yeah, i know it’s not thursday…..i couldn’t wait to thump.


3 Responses to “bits and pieces”

  1. Jan April 12, 2008 at 5:21 pm #

    LOL LOVE the changing font color 🙂 And you know… I felt the same way when they interrupted Ellen to show KU team simply walking off the bus…. LOL Enjoy your weekend and the babies!!!!!!! 😀

  2. Christine Olson April 13, 2008 at 12:46 am #

    Now would probably be a bad time to tell you that we finally have our 70+ degree day and it is FABULOUS??? Hmm…I thought so. 😉

    Actually, I do send good wishes for a warming up of your region, though. Snow! Blek! Haven’t you had enough of that stuff!!!

    Here’s a tip, just think grandbabies. There, now doesn’t THAT make you smile? 😀

  3. Sybil April 13, 2008 at 8:30 am #

    I suppose you aren’t interested in hearing the surf report either, are you? ;o) The surf is RAD! Almost too big for me though….couldn’t get any traction to get up on my ‘board’ to catch the darn waves! I am lovin’ it though – who’d a thunk it? I’m actually getting the surf report delivered to my email each morning now….teehee

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