my new adventure

28 Mar

a while back i wrote about a trip to minneapolis airport to start a new adventure. i even sold my wholecloth quilt to start this craziness! our trip was not easy (snow and icy roads, bad directions, parking madness) but we made it. kelly was driving and was not happy. this is kelly not happy:


it’s been a struggle getting pictures to show you what that’s all about but the wait is over. meet olive and bufford:


olive: olive2.jpg olive3.jpg

bufford: bufford5.jpg bufford6.jpg

they are miniature english bulldogs. my sister kelly, my daughter carin and i (and the respective hubbys) are partners. olive and bufford are just babies now but in a year or so we hope they will have become very good friends and present us with a batch or two of babies.

and no….the world has not tilted on it’s axis. i still think dogs smell like….well…dogs. so the dogs live with kelly where they will be well loved. she actually likes doggie kisses. my job is the biscuit maker. (which in itself is funny…OMGosh, did you feel that? i think it was my home ec teacher spinning in her grave) i made a new batch recently (i’m still perfecting the recipe) and took a couple bags to the church bake sale. we’ll see if they sell or not.



3 Responses to “my new adventure”

  1. Jan March 28, 2008 at 1:23 pm #

    Oh they are adorable!!!!!!!!! And did you know three dog barkery has a cookbook just for dogs? Did I mention my mutts are really spoiled?! Good luck with the new adventure!!

  2. Jami March 28, 2008 at 8:54 pm #

    They are both just adorable! But…I love the spots on Bufford’s face! Wishing you good luck with the babies to come!

  3. Kelly March 29, 2008 at 4:03 am #

    Geez did you have to put my face on the blog? We did have a fun trip – at least neither of us got too bitchy!!! We drove around the Minneapolis airport so many times I lost track but we now know how to make the loop around the airport at least!!! Bufford is a bit of a tease – if you aren’t careful he will come and nip you in the butt, I think he needs to go to obedience class. Love the biscuits – you can be the “biscuit maker”! I hope the bullies get to sample to treats!

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