happy b-day scott

6 Jan

well i know you are all wondering if i have won the battle with mickey. no actually, the little bugger is still a no show.

spent all day in the clubhouse yesterday as it was karen and k day. usually we sew but today was different. i prepped 4 UFO’s (all Nickle quilts) to take to a retreat towards the end of january. i anticipate the retreat will be a blast. i’ve gone the past 2 years and not only get LOTS accomplished but have loads of fun too. why don’t you all come along with me?!?! quick! go to http://www.heirloomcreations.net and find out how to sign up!

i also cut out my quarterly quilt. (karen and i have quarterly themes as well as yearly goals!) this quilt is a kaffe. i started with lots of dot fabric (a yard of each) and used 4″ off each one. i paired them with some scrumptious hand dyed beauties. i forgot to take pictures but guess what?!?! i still have a big pile of fabrics so can do that later even!

today is scott’s happy birthday. the sourthern branch (carins) is coming up this afternoon and the northern branch (crystal’s) is coming this evening. so momma’s gotta get her a supper plan. scott’s boring gift is all boxed up in a christmas box. i know but all that christmas crap was so handy. he gets a fancy new 35′ tape measure. oh the excitement.

and yes, i’ll be checking the clubhouse before heading out to church. just to see if mickey is all snug as a bug in one of his new houses. bwraaahhahahhahahahahh


One Response to “happy b-day scott”

  1. freda1951 January 6, 2008 at 2:20 pm #

    OK, Kay we want pix of the fabric. Have fun on Scott’s Bday.

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