put this in your pie hole.

1 Dec

so i almost dropped one of the balls i constantly toss in the air. in fact, i probably did actually drop it but i caught it on the bounce so does it really count? probably.

anaway (what i really mean is anyway, but gramcracker has kind of a german way of saying that so it sounds like “anaway”….and i like it)

anaway….i bought 10 books today. from 2 different stores. no, i’m not going on vacation to recline on some tropical beach and read romance novels. and i don’t typically buy my books in bulk…it’s about the dropped-i mean bouncing-ball.

so i’m trying to scan-i mean read- at least some of these books. the one i’m reading now is called “yup, nope, maybe” a woman’s guide to getting more out of the language of men. GASP okay i’m done choking with laughter….language? men? seriously?. it’s written by two guys: stephen james and david thomas. okay……does anyone else find it interesting when people have 2 first names. or what about the tom thomas’s, or john johnson’s of the world. would it turn the world topsy turvy if you have a first name for a last name that you chose a last name for your kids first name? and did you ever notice that i only notice this about guy names? i never wonder about the amy carey’s, or the brigitte ….yeah, that’s all i got.

anaway……the books references the time honored story of adam and eve and although the point is not to place blame in this book….it reminds me of an argument-disagreement-discussion that i was involved in once about it being more eve’s fault because she brought the apple to adam and convinced him to eat it thereby not only sinning herself but dragging an innocent into sinning as well.

scott’s favorite pie is blueberry but for the sake of parallelism let’s pretend it’s apple. i was pretty sure that scott was a bum once so i did a little test. even tho “apple” pie is his favorite, i was pretty sure that i could bake an “apple” pie and unless i actually cut it, put in on a plate and handed it to him with a fork, he would never eat a piece. needless to say, the pie grew mold. (i was right. you knew i would be didn’t you. this is MY blog after all) so you might be thinking i’ve totally gone off on a tangent not related to the bouncing ball. (you’re probably right)

HOWEVER, my point is this: get off eve’s back. if not for her; all the fruit in the garden would probably have rotted on the vine before adam would have gotten up out of the easy chair and picked a pies-worth.

“now who wants pie?” she says in her best Mrs. Cleaver imitation.


5 Responses to “put this in your pie hole.”

  1. mkak December 1, 2007 at 1:20 pm #

    Anaways…. Mark would never let a sweet go bad – we have standards – I bake once or twice a year and within 24hrs. it is gone and it is just him and I! I ordered a yummy cake from a bakery in Brookings (Hagmans) it’s his folks 40th Anniversary tonight and we joked last night that if the weather was too bad and we couldn’t get to his folks tonight for dinner we could eat it and guessing how long it would last. This morning waking up to the snow mix that is the first little joy I had is that we might get to keep the cake!! Of course when I told him we could freeze it for next weekend – he slyly said “we can order another one”! No sweets going to waste in our house – makes me have to work that much harder at the gym though.

  2. grapegrower December 1, 2007 at 10:17 pm #

    maybe you should have disguised the pie as a bottle of MGD

  3. mkak December 1, 2007 at 11:04 pm #

    Update on the cake – it did go in the freezer because I knew my hips couldn’t take those 4000 calories and we are going to the folks tomorrow so thankgoodness I didn’t dig in!!

  4. Sybil December 1, 2007 at 11:10 pm #

    Ok, I’m confused…..did you ever address the dropped….errrrr….the bounced ball issue in this post? I’m athinkin’ that I need a road map to follow……

    And, I agree…..get off the poor woman’s back already!

    And, good on you mkak…..you’re the big damn deal!

  5. Christine Olson December 2, 2007 at 2:59 am #

    Amen! 🙂

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