here are my pages

29 Nov

that i did for the others. the only instructions we had for the pages were “NO STRESS”. you were to use anything you wanted to embellish, and spend only as much $$ as you wanted, and only spend as much time as you had available. no one was to have any expectations or feel burdened by doing them. it worked more or less and most of them expressed appreciation for me pushing them. i thot i did a good job of not pushing but maybe i pushed a little!

my “theme” if you wanna call it that was to use found items to embellish. i bought very little to do the pages. at least i bought very little recently. i guess i bought most of the stuff at one time or another. anyway, here’s what i did.

I started with a photo of each person and framed it using a rusty little square frame and i went from there with little sticky things, little messages, buttons etc. the left one is cindy’s and the right one is mom’s.img_1163.jpg

i did a page for myself too! mine is on the left. i used a ribbon that i had just received attached to a can of chocolates (thanks terri and lois!) and a page of scrapbooking things (PINK pjs, popcorn etc and sparkly letters spelling out kay (that’s me!) and the page on the right is my daughter carin’s. her pic is one taken with ian was about 6 months old i think and then just a smattering of little messages about family and memories.img_1164.jpg

these two are kris’ and sheries. kris’ photo is from when she was a baby–too dang cute. i found a dragonfly beaded pin to add as well as a toggle thing with her favorite green color. sherie neglected to send a photo for me so i scrounged one up of my own (serves her right!) i used some scraps of trim i had laying about and even pulled that green twirly thing out of a bowl of smelly stuff (you know that “p” word that i can never spell correctly)img_1166.jpg

and here are peg and cleo’s. peg’s picture was from a little road trip us girls went on and she’s very happy. 🙂 i surrounded her with sparkley butterflies and a pink leaf and some happy sayings. cleo got very creative and trimmed her page down to a “tag”. her photo is also one from when she was a little girl. i made brite little “ringlets” from pipe cleaners and added some glitz sparkles to it.img_1168.jpg

and these beautys belong to rita and sara. rita has recently made several trips to poland for work so i used tags that indicated travel. she has some great stories about her experience. i especially love the ones involving “whiplash” her favorite taxi driver. sara has started a project to make priority quilts for ami simms’ alzheimers project and she is doing shoe quilts so when i found a scrapbooking pages with all kinds of shoes i thought it was perfect for her.img_1165.jpg

and lastly, karen’s and chris’. karen’s picture is sooo HOT. i thot the little sign about choose without regret totally fit her picture. chris was another who neglected to send me a pic so i grabbed one i had. there’s not anything to actually “zip” on her page but i liked it. img_1167.jpg

so those are the pages that i created. coming soon will be shots of pages the other girls did.


8 Responses to “here are my pages”

  1. Jan November 29, 2007 at 3:08 pm #

    Those are fantastic!!!!!!

  2. Nancy Hughson November 29, 2007 at 3:19 pm #

    Those are soo cooool! I love them.

  3. carlafibers November 29, 2007 at 5:24 pm #

    What a fun project!!

  4. Snort November 29, 2007 at 7:18 pm #

    Speaking as one of the participants, I can tell you it was fun! (even if I was one of the group that stressed and stressed after learning what our assignment was) Then I finally got started and I discovered I enjoyed the whole process. Leave it to Kay to teach me to color outside of the lines and throw a nice little party in the process. Thanks Kay…. you’re a good egg.

    p.s. to Kris when you read this… MISS YOU!

  5. Sara January 13, 2008 at 9:49 pm #

    I have uploaded pictures from this challenge on my website too!

  6. Susan January 14, 2008 at 3:18 pm #

    Kay you are the Queen of ideas to get the creativity flowing in each peron you meet. I saw Sara’s book and these are even more wonderful in person. Congrats on another fantastic idea.


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