thursday thumper

22 Nov

just a quickie here. i pulled up to a shop and noticed it was obviously garbage day as there was a pile of garbage in front of where i parked. i just knew that “karma” would dictate that the garbage people would come while i was blocking the garbage. i figured they’d think “it’s my lucky day! there is no garbage here” and then i’d have to feel bad that either the garbage would have to sit out for another week OR that someone would have to haul it back in until the next garbage day.

i like to tempt karma.

naturally, within 10 minutes, the garbage truck pulls up. but instead of driving on by, they back up and walk around my truck and grab up the trash.

the interesting part (and the thursday thumper part) is that after the two garbage men dumped the trash into the back of the truck (theirs not mine) one of the men STOPPED. and reached back into the trash and pulled out a pizza box and opened it. WHAT?!?!? it was empty but what if it had a leftover slice of pepperoni with green olives on it? was he looking for a little pick me up snack? was he taking a poll of pizza varieties? did he have an overwhelming need to know if it was thin crust or deep dish? THUMP but just a soft one as it gave me the giggles for quite a while!


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