i did it!

26 Oct

last night i ate the last bowl of chili. ugh. i like chili alot. but i’m chili’d out. sunday dinner-chili, sunday supper-chili, monday dinner & supper-chili, tuesday dinner & supper chili. wednesday was visiting day and you would not believe how much i enjoyed my mcdonald’s meal. supper-chili. yea for me. IT’S GONE! it’s also obvious that scott has been out of town as he would so NOT go along with this menu plan……i’m sick of chili but it was grand not to have to cook for 4 days! scott is back home just in time for a new menu plan.

and just so this isn’t a ridiculous mundane post entirely about chili (yea it’s gone!) here’s a pic of some LOVERLY new fabrics that fell into a bag and leaped onto my arm the other day at the quilt shop.

and for the quilting folk….they are a new line called “sole” by valorie wells for free spirit. there are several other pieces in the line that i resisted. so far.

my plan is to use them for a sweet little quilt i found on page 77 of the new Quilt Pink magazine from the american patchwork & quilting editors. AND i paid for it (well most of it…okay half of the fabrics) with a gift card that was given to me as a thank you for getting a quilt done in time for her to take to a special event. Thanks JULIE! yea me!


2 Responses to “i did it!”

  1. sybil October 26, 2007 at 9:13 pm #

    LOVE ’em! They are my kind of colors. I might need a pair of yoga pants in them.

  2. carlafibers October 28, 2007 at 5:10 pm #

    Now THAT’s a lot of chili!! i’m amazed you can eat it all week long- LOL!

    The fabric colors are quilt yummy, too!

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