so i bought a pedometer

4 Oct

sometimes it’s hard to tell a story without some background. but sometimes the backstory isn’t ready to be told. so here’s the part you need to know. i’m walking and tracking my steps.

remember that cartoon i think it was called family circus or something like that. little billy (or bobby whatever) would be told by his mom to go make his bed and then you’d see this little “trail” of the path he took to get to the bedroom to make the bed. that was me. or at least i reminded me of him. bobby or billy or whatever his name was. please someone tell me what his name was or i won’t be able to sleep. although it’s only noon so i shouldn’t be sleeping anyway.

so i was ready to spritz the backing of a quilt to remove the wrinkles. i have it all nicely spread out over the rollers and go to get my spritzer. nope not on the tv shelf where it should be. not on the bed of the quilting table. not on the cutting table. do you think i left it in the kitchen? no. still not on the tv shelf. oh! the thread shelf I distinctly remember putting something on that shelf and thinking to myself, now you’re going to have to remember when you are looking for this that you put it here. no not on the thread shelf. try visualization. I can picture it in my mind. it’s handle part is blue. the bottle clear. and it’s sitting on the…..hmmmm why would i put it in the bathroom. maybe i decided to refill it with water. no i didn’t. cutting table? no tv shelf no. bed of quilting table? no under the said backing? no. i bet it’s on the ironing table, is the iron on? no and no. thread shelf? no. seriously, this goes on for a ridiculous amount of time. how many times am i going to look at the tv shelf before I just KNOW without looking that it isn’t there? really. it seriously is NOT on the tv shelf.

i have another spritzer. i have no time to waste today (this week, this month, this year) so i’m just going to get the other spritzer filled and get on with the work. i fill it. i spritz it, and as i’m smoothing it out so it’s just perfect, i glance at the bed of the quilting table. there is my spritzer. OF COURSE i couldn’t see it. it’s laying on it’s side and i of course was picturing it standing upright. it also has a purple handle (not blue) and the bottle is opaque not clear. no wonder i couldn’t find it.

i start mentally banging my head on something hard. could i be any more disorganized? but hey! look at my pedometer! i put on 4000 steps and it’s not even noon. yea me!


3 Responses to “so i bought a pedometer”

  1. mkak October 6, 2007 at 1:31 pm #

    Keep stepping Olive – someday you’ll be ready to tell the “rest of the story” (I can’t remember who used to say that – Walter Conkrite or Dan Rather I think)

  2. Diana Wilson October 6, 2007 at 5:13 pm #

    We HAVE to meet one day….we are so ALIKE!
    Have a good day
    ps, it’s BILLY

  3. Landera October 7, 2007 at 10:32 pm #

    Been there done that…many times!! Recently joined Weight Watchers (like I don’t watch “it” enough)…WHAT WAS I THINKING?

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