so i KO’d scott’s front tooth

13 Aug

uh huh. waiting right now for the dentist office to open.  as much as some of you might be predicting that he lipped off (planned pun) one too many times to me that is NOT what happened.  and it wasn’t my cooking either.

i just gave him a durned cookie.  and not one i baked either.

and one might think that he would stay home from work.  oh no no no.  of course he went to work!  i didn’t bother suggesting he take a day or anything because i already knew exactly what his answer would be. “heck no (okay he wouldn’t say heck). why would i stay home? if i am “talking” people ought to be “LISTENING” instead of worrying whether or not i have all my teeth. ”

unlike carly’s song, he’s so NOT vain. at least in appearances–he may have some vanity issues regarding the importance of the words he speaks.

i know you’re all waiting for the photo op so here it is:


ok, that was pre-missing tooth and is just a shameless excuse to post a picture of ian and his grampa.

UPDATE: scott got in to the dentist and he has an absess (?) they plan a root canal (sounds terrifying) and then a new crown.


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