quilts and vines

12 Aug

the outdoor quilt show was just WONDERFUL. really.

but Lord a friday was it ever HOT HOT HOT. comments heard by eavesdropping on quilters:

“good thing i wore my cotton panties as they’re more absorbent than the slickery kind.”

“i’m so glad i don’t have a beard (said by a female)”

“did anyone bring a makeup compact as my makeup has just slid down off my face and is now located in my bra.”

besides the heat, this was a show not to miss. it was just lovely. the vineyard is a beautiful piece of property. the quilts were everywhere. they hung over 375 quilts of which 110 of them were for sale. they provided a shuttle bus to take you from the parking area right to the registration desk. you were handed a special souvenier wine glass for the tasting.

these girls didn’t find a wine they didn’t like! karen and sherie:img_1027.jpgI think there were 8 varieties of wine produced at the vineyard and we had the opportunity to taste 5 of them. they were all yummy. my favorite was strawberry rhubarb. i also liked pear, apple raspberry and elderberry.

the quilts were everywhere! from the very first step off the bus all the way through the vineyard.img_1030.jpg img_1031.jpg
in that area, there were 3 really long lines of quilts to view.

once through that we headed over to the barn barn1.jpg sherie.jpgbarn2.jpg barn4.jpg

from there we went to another patch(?) of vines. this time there were at least 4-6 rows of vines that had quilts draped on them. apparently i put my camera away during that portion of the program. i may have had something else in my hand! nevermind, here’s a photo i found!vine2.jpg

there was also entertainment several times throughout the day. this is the band Poker Alice. pokeralice.jpg
and they had some bean toss games set up.bean.jpg
they even had a vintage truck parked in the driveway draped in quilts!
truck.jpg truckhouse.jpg

and did several demo’s on the porch: demo.jpg
and here are some miscellaneous shots of how pretty it was:misc1.jpgmisc2.jpgmisc3.jpgmisc4.jpg
and these are a couple of quilts that i quilted for customers that were in the show.

lynn’s:lynn1.jpg lynn2.jpg

quilted with splash by jodi beamish

and amy’s:amy1.jpgamy2.jpg
quilted with Rainbow flight by Miki&diane

all in all it was simply a beautimous fantab day. I haven’t heard any numbers on attendance but i’m sure it was good. seemed like most got there right at 10am-probably to try to beat the heat (didn’t work).


5 Responses to “quilts and vines”

  1. Diane F August 12, 2007 at 9:17 pm #

    Wow , what a show!

  2. sybil August 13, 2007 at 11:43 am #

    looks fab!

  3. Sara August 13, 2007 at 6:01 pm #

    Thanks to everyone who helped out with the show. Over 700 people attended and over 20 quilts were sold.

    Check out more Quilts & Vines event pictures at my website: http://www.sewsara.com

  4. Gina August 13, 2007 at 8:14 pm #

    Most awesome pics:) Thanks, and can I use the makeup sliding off your face line? ROFLMAO!!!!

  5. myolivebranch August 13, 2007 at 8:50 pm #

    it’s yours gina!

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