21 Jul

so i’m still tired and haven’t had my dose of bubbles yet but i want to put this out there so that i can count today for me!

i was chatting with another longarm quilter (this is what i do <longarm quilting not chatting> in case you are reading this and don’t know me but then if you don’t know me, why would you bother reading this?!? and now back to the original sentence) recently and we got to wondering how many quilts we did on average each week; well tonight as i was dragging butt to get the 2nd one done (i had a goal of starting a 3rd one but this ol’ body gave out) i was re-wondering about that and thought hey!  why not issue a challenge to document and show what you did this week.  (sometimes i like to make really long sentences into paragraphs even tho i know it is not proper grammer)

so hey!  here’s the challenge.  pick any 5 days in a row, and post on your blog what you accomplished.  you don’t have to be a longarmer to play….whatever you do, do it in 5 days and post pix!

i’m starting today because i got 2 done and well, because i CAN start today!  And now i’m off to make friends with mr bubble.


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